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High Volume = Low Rates

Approval In 7 Days               Credit Card Processing        Debit Card Processing        ACH Processing                   Risk Management

Domestic Accounts Feature:

Daily Payouts                   Rates Starting At 1.98%Deposits In 24-48 Hours

Offshore Accounts Feature:

Weekly Payouts                  Credit Is Not An Issue  International Merchants O.K No Monthly Volume Cap 

High Risk Merchants

Most businesses can be setup with a regular merchant account by any bank or payment processor however when you are operating a business categorized as "high risk" you are going to require a high risk payment processor. Offshore Merchants assists these types of businesses by providing domestic and offshore high risk merchant accounts.

Our partnerships with domestic and offshore processors allow us to setup a wide array of hard-to-place companies with merchant accounts. Over 90% of merchant applications are approved! If your business already has processing statements, the chance of approval rises to nearly 100%! Take advantage of fast approvals and low rates when you choose Offshore Merchants.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Domestic Merchant Accounts

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Certain high risk accounts are able to be placed domestically in the US. This is a huge benefit to the merchant since the rates are usually 1/3 what the offshore rates would be and in addition, the payouts are daily, similar to a low risk account. read more

Offshore Merchant Accounts

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Merchants unable to qualify for a domestic account, must use an offshore account. Benefits linked to an offshore bank, include the ability to have a higher chargeback ratio while operating riskier businesses. Naturally with the higher chargeback threshold, the rate increases. read more

High Risk Merchant Accounts For:

TMF Online Dating Sports Forecasting / Odds Making Web Hosting
Timeshare Replica Time Share Infomercial
Downloadable Software Auto Warranties Outbound Telemarketing Inbound Telemarketing
Tours Affiliate Travel Tour Guides
Canadian Cruise Lines International Merchant Accounts High Risk
Negative Option Call Centers Recurring Billing Membership
Continuity Medical Marijuana Merchant Account Pharmacy High Risk ACH
High Volume Medical Discount Cards Herbal Supplements Credit Repair
Debt Consolidation MLM Loan Modification Financial
Pharma Adult Merchant Accounts High Risk Check Processing ACH Processing Services
Recurring Billing Escort / Companion Services High Risk e-check High Risk ACH Processing
Debt Collection / Collection Agencies Ecigarettes / Ecigs High Chargeback Ticket Brokers
Medical Marijuana Merchant Medical Marijuana Merchant Services Free Trial / Trial Offers Nutraceuticals
Canadian Dollars Euros British Pounds U.S. Dollars
Yen Australian Dollars New Zealand Dollars Swiss Francs
Hong Kong Dollars Singapore Dollars Swedish Kroner Danish Kroner
Philippine Pesos Taiwan New Dollars Thai Baht GBP
Israeli Shekels Mexican Pesos Brazilian Real Malaysian Ringgits
Polish Zloty Norwegian Kroner Hungarian Forints Czech Koruny